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The guide to setting page of ABConvert
The guide to setting page of ABConvert

Mastering ABConvert's Settings: Your Comprehensive Guide

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Welcome to the guide to ABConvert's settings page. Here, you'll find options tailored to different preferences and needs. From basic account management to advanced functionalities, these settings offer versatility to enhance your experience.

Let's explore the range of options available to optimize your A/B testing strategies.

Account status

You can see your subscription level and the cancel plan option here.

To upgrade or learn more about subscription plans, please go to the pricing page in the side bar menu.

ABConvert script status

You can check if the script of each test type is added to your theme in this section.

There is no need to manually insert code snippet to your theme when using ABConvert. When you start a test, we automatically add include line before the closing <head> tag in your theme.liquid file.

Snippet name for each test

  • Price test: 'abconvert-price-test'

  • Content test: 'abconvert-content-test'

  • URL redirect test: 'abconvert-url-redirect-test'

  • Template test: 'abconvert-template-test'

  • Theme test: 'abconvert-theme-test'

Also, the snippet will be removed from the theme.liquid file when you stop tests.

You have to enable the app embed block in your theme editor before launching the shipping test. We will cover the details in App Block Status section of this article.

Carrier service

This option will show up only after you enable carrier service in the shipping test. You can remove carrier service here.

Please refer to this article to learn how to enable it.

ABConvert uses Carrier Service API from Shopify to return shipping rates for A/B test purpose. This service is available to stores in the Advanced or Plus Shopify plan.

If you are in the Basic or Shopify plan, you can pay Shopify a monthly or yearly fee to enable this carrier service. To activate it, please refer to this article or contact Shopify Support.

App block status

This option enables you to activate custom scripts for our features in your store.

  • Custom Label Script: This script labels customers' first visit time to your store, providing an advanced option for price testing. We suggest to always keep it enabled so you can start using this option at any time. To learn more about this feature, please refer to this article.

  • Shipping Script: Enabling the shipping script is necessary before launching a shipping test. You can activate the script here or follow the instructions when creating a shipping test.

Shipping banner

Shipping banner is an additional feature for shipping tests, allowing your visitors to instantly know about current shipping fee promotions upon entering the store.

You have the flexibility to choose the display type and customize the color of the banner.

Additionally, you can further customize messages by leveraging the provided variables. This customization enables you to display tailored messages to visitors based on their test group or country.

Consider creating a free shipping threshold test spanning multiple countries. Utilizing the {country} variable allows you to customize content for visitors from different countries.

For instance, you can display "Enjoy FREE shipping to {country} for orders over {threshold} {currency_code}!", tailoring the message to each visitor's location.

Similarly, in the case of a Flat Rate Shipping Test, the {shipping_rate} variable provides flexibility to show corresponding rates for control and test groups. This allows you to communicate shipping costs accurately, driving informed purchasing decisions.

If you want to customize the shipping banner text or you have shipping progress bar that’s custom built, please reach out to [email protected].


ABConvert currently supports the following languages. Choose your preferred language to use our app.

  1. English (default)

  2. 繁體中文

  3. 简体中文

Auto-sync script with theme

When you switch your theme with active tests (excluding shipping tests), you will need to re-enable the test script to ensure the test is running smoothly.

If you want to save your time and let our app do the work for you, you can turn on this option.

Please note that if there is any integration issue with your new theme, please reach out to our support team to re-do the theme check.

Inventory syncing

This option allows you to sync inventory levels between the original variant/product and the duplicate one. With this feature, you can track your inventory level easily and ensure the product will not be oversold.

To learn more details, please refer to the dedicated article for this option.

Order tag

When the 'Order Tag' option is enabled, orders linked to the test will be automatically tagged. This functionality simplifies the identification and retrieval of orders associated with the test from the order page.

You have three tagging options to choose from:

  1. Plain tag: Displays the test type, e.g., 'ABConvert Price Test,' 'ABConvert Shipping Test.'

  2. Detailed tag: Shows the test type, test ID, and test group of the order.

  3. Custom tag: Allows you to personalize the tag with your preferred value.

Price Test Method

We will evaluate the price test method that best suits your store during theme check. As the default method (duplicate variant) is recommended, sometimes you may need to switch to duplicate product for various reasons like:

  1. The test product has more than 50 variants (exceed Shopify limit after duplication)

  2. Third party app integration

  3. Custom built product page

You can switch the price test method in this option.

Please ensures that all price tests are stopped before switching price test method. Also, if you switch from duplicate variant to duplicate product, please follow the instructions in this article.

Clean up variant toggle

Our app will delete duplicate variants automatically when the price test is closed.

However, in very few cases, duplicate variants may not be completely deleted due to Shopify API issue.

When you stop the test and you still see the test variants in place, you can add the additional "Clean up" button in the action list of tests by turning on this option.

By clicking “Clean up“ button, all duplicate variants will be cleared so customers in your store won't see test prices after you close the test.

Price test select product view

There are two display formats available for selecting products for price testing. It allows you to customize your experience according to your preferences.

You can also switch this option on the product selection page.

Table view

Grid view

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