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How to manage Duplicate Product
How to manage Duplicate Product

This article will guide you on how to manage duplicate product when using duplicate product method to create a price test

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Sometimes, we might switch the price test method (our default is duplicate variant) for your store, due to various reasons. Most of the time the reason will be:

  1. The product to test has more than 50 variants (exceed Shopify limit after duplicate variant)

  2. Third party app issue.

Duplicate product method will still be a good way to perform your price test, and user will still see the persistent price. However, there might be extra set up in this method.

Therefore, this article will guide you on how to manage duplicate product that's created from our price test.

*Notes: for content test, we use duplicate product by default, so this article is also applicable to content test.

How to switch method

In our "Settings" tab, you can find such area that you can switch method for test.

Change the price test method to "Duplicate Product" then your following test will be using duplicate product method.

Our app will require you can only switch test method if you don't have any active test running.

If our support has already switched the method for you, then you don't have to worry about it.

How to create price test

The process of creating price test with duplicate method is exactly the same as duplicate variant.

Please refer to this article.

Pause the test if you need to set things up

We will recommend you pause the test first to set things up.

After you pause the test, the duplicate product(s) will be put in draft.

Find duplicate product in Shopify

You can find the duplicate product(s) created by our app by searching abconvert-price-test tag. (For content test, you can search for abconvert-content-test)

If you want to search only for a certain test, you can search price-test-<experiment_id>. You can find experiment id in the url of the analytics. For example:
<Your store name>/apps/a-b-test-app/analytics/v1/3382

Remove duplicate products from third-party sales channels

In order to not to impact your sales channel, we suggest only keep the duplicate product in the Online Store, and remove it from other channels.

Here is how you do it.

  1. Select the product by clicking the checkbox

  2. Select three dots on the pop up action

  3. Select “'Exclude from sales channels” action

  4. De-select Online Store

  5. Click “Exclude products”

Remove duplicate products from collections

  1. Select the product by clicking the checkbox

  2. Select three dots on the pop up action

  3. Remove from collection(s)

  4. Select all collections

  5. Click "Save"

If you are using auto-collections, you can follow this article to exclude duplicate product by changing product type or set up rules for product tag in your auto collection.

Configure inventory tracking

The duplicate product will have the exact same amount of inventory and SKU as the original product.

If you would like to not have inventory duplication, you can set the duplicate product's inventory to zero for all variants, and select Continue selling when out of stock for all variants.

Once any variant is out of stock, switch the inventory policy to Stop selling when out of stock .

If you want to keep the inventory and would like to have duplicate product have the same inventory level, you can use a third party app to manage inventory of duplicate SKUs. For example:

We are launching our own inventory syncing feature as well. Stay tuned.

Check custom shipping profile

Our app will add your duplicate product to the shipping profile of the original product.

If you would like to change that, you can visit Settings → Shipping and Delivery, and change the shipping profile of your duplicate product

Add duplicate product to discount code

If you have BOGO or any discount running, make sure you add duplicate product to the active discount code as well.

Configure search app

If you are using search app, you may want to set the rule to not display duplicate product by using product tags.

Configure duplicate product in third party apps

If you are using these type of app:

  1. Review app

  2. Size chart app

  3. Bundle app

  4. Frequently bought together app

  5. Subscription app

You might want to add your duplicate product in those app as well.


This article guide you on how to manage duplicate product.

We are also working hard to reduce the effort of set up a price test of our users.

Thus, if you have any feedback or feature request, feel free to let us know by emailing [email protected] or through the support channel.

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