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How to find product using advanced search
How to find product using advanced search

This article will explain how to find product to create price test using advanced search syntax

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For stores that have many products, it might be hard to find products when creating a price test.

Therefore, ABConvert offer a useful search feature to help you find your product by using different filter.

This article will explain how to search product when creating a price test.

How to search product(s)

When you create a price test, the first step is to select product.

In the "Select product" step, there is a search bar for you to fill in your search query.

The easiest way to search is to type in the product name. However, this might not be enough.

Therefore, we can use other query type as well as search syntax to do advanced search.

What kind of filter can I use

Here are the support filter parameters from Shopify:

  • barcode

  • bundles

  • created_at

  • delivery_profile_id

  • error_feedback

  • gift_card

  • has_only_composites

  • has_only_default_variant

  • has_variant_with_components

  • id

  • inventory_total

  • is_price_reduced

  • out_of_stock_somewhere

  • price

  • product_configuration_owner

  • product_publication_status

  • product_type

  • publishable_status

  • published_status

  • sku

  • status

  • tag

  • tag_not

  • title

  • updated_at

  • vendor

Most of the time, we only need to use:

  • title

  • tag

  • status

  • sku

  • price

How to use query

It's really simple to use the filter, as long as you understand how to do a query.

The query can be decomposed to be conditions, and a condition is defined as:

Filter name + Value

  • Filter name is the above mentioned filter parameters.

  • Value is the rule that's related to the filter name.

For example, a query that search for product title equals to abconvert will be: title:abconvert

If there are multiple condition, we can use whitespace to add condition.

For example, a query that search for products that have title equals to abconvert and status equal to Active will be: title:abconvert status:active

The search result in our app should be the same as the result in the shopify admin dashboard.

Here is an article for more explanation on search syntax:

Query example

We listed out some query example to help you quickly learn how to query your products.

  1. Product that has ABConvert as its title: title:abconvert

  2. Product that has a Test tag: tag:test

  3. Product that is active: status:active

  4. Product that has SKU of 12345678 : sku:12345678

  5. Product that has price greater than 10: price:>10

  6. Product that has price less or equal to 10: price:<=10


This article explains how to do search your product by query. By doing so, we easily can find the product we want to create test for.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out by emailling [email protected] or through the support widget.

Happy testing! πŸŽ‰

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