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How to set up UTM filter for price test
How to set up UTM filter for price test

This article explains the step on setting up UTM filter to filter out customer from different traffic source

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When it comes to split testing, it's important to do the segmentation on your customer since different traffic sources might result in different customer behavior.

Therefore, in our price testing tool, we incorporate the feature for the marketer to easily do segmentation on their split test.

This article we will explain to you how to set up the UTM filtering correctly, and improve the accuracy of your price test.

Where to set up the UTM filtering?

You can find the option to set up UTM filtering when you create a test, or when you are editing the test.

Hence, you can find a section looks like this either in "Create Price Test" page, or "Edit test" page.

How to set up the UTM filtering

The logic of segmentation is that we want to have several condition set up, and if any of the condition meets, we will perform the action behind the condition.

In the context of UTM filtering, it will be like:

If A condition meet -> do B action

For example:

• If traffic comes from Facebook then assign it to random group -> utm_source equals to facebook assigns to random group.

• If utm_tag contains ab_test then assign to test group 1

• If none of the above condition meets, then assign to original group

In this way, you can set up many condition at once, and each condition has it following action. And you can only run price test when your audience is coming from a specific source.

How to filter the data in analytics

If the condition is set to be really rigorous, chance are that there will be many data in the origin price (or the group you assign in otherwise condition).

Therefore, we might want to filter the UTM in the analytics.

You can find the filter in the analytics and filter the data by the condition you set on the UTM filtering.

In this way, you will know the most accurate data on the specific traffic.

Notes: If you installed ABConvert before the UTM filtering feature launched, please message support to check if the UTM collecting script is enable.


In this article, we explain how to do segmentation based on UTM tag to make the price testing more accurate.

If you have any question or feedback, feel free to reach out via [email protected] or the support widget.


Q: What if I have several condition on the same query key, for example: utm_term="ads" and utm_term="campaign".

A: The condition works as first come first serve. That means if you have two condition contradict each other, the prior condition will be used to perform actions (top in your configuration section)

Q: Can I use UTM filtering along with the filter on selected country

A: Yes, you can do that. But the priority of filtering on selected country will be higher

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