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How to price test with multi-currency
How to price test with multi-currency

This article will guide you on starting a price test with multi-currency, if your store are selling in multiple market

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ABConvert has always been an user-centric shopify app, and through out the past year, we help many users launching their multi-market price tests with multi-currency capabilities.

In this article, we will guide you on how to price test with multi-currency.

Step 1: Create a price test

To test with multi-currency, you will have to create a price test.

Please refer to this article on how to create a price test.

Step 2: Configure multi currency

There are two ways to configure multi-currency.

  1. Use the conversion rate provide by shopify in our script (built-in)

  2. Set the market fixed price to your product, if you have market fixed price for your test product.

If you are using any decimal rounding rule for your market but not setting fixed price for your product, please contact support via the support widget.

To set market fixed price, we can visit Edit page of your price test.

Click "Add Market Price" on the top.

And you can select you want to auto add the market fixed price or manually add the price.

If you select the "Automatically add" option, our app will add the price difference between your original price and test price to your market fixed price of test variant.

And if you select "Manually add", you will able to fill in the price with the exact price point.

After you click add, you are now testing with multi currency.


This article guide you on how to create a price test with multi-currency.

If you have any feedback or feature request, feel free to reach out via [email protected] or the support widget.

Happy testing!

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