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How long does ABConvert take to set up?
How long does ABConvert take to set up?
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Since every store is built with different themes and third-party apps, our theme expert will conduct theme check for you after installation to ensure smooth integration.

Please note that the batch process time of theme check is from 10 AM to 2 PM (Taipei time UTC+8) on weekdays.

Typically, the theme check will be completed in one working day.

However, it may take longer if your store is using

  1. Custom built theme

  2. Third-party app

    1. Bundle

    2. Subscription

    3. Upsell

    4. Page Builder

    5. Color Swatch

Also, we will request collaborator access to facilitate the theme check to help you get started as soon as possible.

If it takes more than two days to process the theme check, please feel free to contact [email protected]. We are happy to extend it for you.

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