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How to end test safely on Recharge subscription products
How to end test safely on Recharge subscription products

This article explains how to end a test safely with Recharge subscription

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Subscription products make e-commerce store run like a Saas. As long as people subscribe, you can enjoy a period of recurring revenue.

Therefore, getting the price right of the subscription product becomes even more important.

Among the subscription apps in Shopify, the Recharge Subscriptions is the most popular app.

In this article, we will guide you on how to ending a test safely for your Recharge subscriptions.

Why can't I end the test directly?

In the price test, duplicate variant or products will be created in order to make sure customer buy your product at different prices and our app handle duplicates really careful.

In order not to make impact on the stores, duplicates will either be deleted or be put into draft after the test is stopped. In the case, the Recharge subscription order might not be able to continue.

Therefore, to make the subscription orders work as usual when the test is stopped, we need to perform a product swap on Recharge subscription order.

What exactly is product swap

A product swap is a process in Recharge to change a subscription order's product. You can change the variant, sku, or product in that order.

By doing so, we make the subscription order on the test price intact after the price test is ended.

How to do product swap

There are two ways to do product swap in Recharge:

  1. Swap product on each order one by one

  2. Export a set of subscription orders, and use bulk update by uploading CSV file

Here is a detailed article in Recharge help center on the product swap:

To do a product swap, we must find the subscription orders we want to swap for.

We can filter the order by either product id or variant id.

Simply login to Shopify admin -> Products, and click the product you are testing for, you will find the product id or variant id in the url.

Then you can use the duplicate product id or variant id, and filter out the Recharge order.

If the order amount is not that much, you can Swap each other one by one.

If the order amount is large, you will need to export those orders, and create a CSV file that specify order with which product(variants) should be swapped for one another.

Here is the article for bulk update product swap:


In this article, we explain how to safely end the price test with Recharge subscription.

We are also talking to Recharge to see for integration so in the future we don't have to do it manually.

If you have any questions or feedbacks, feel free to reach to via [email protected] or through our support widget.

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